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Hello, welcome to the JoeEmail page at

JoeEmail is an open source (VB6) email client for windows implementing a probability filter to screen spam. The inspiration is taken from Paul Graham's "Plan For Spam".

Click the following for the latest releases:

Note: JoeEmail binaries are distributed via .msi (Microsoft Installer) files.  If you download one and your system doesn't know what to do with it, you will need to visit to download the Microsoft Installer for your operating system.

And another thing: JoeEmail uses Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).  You may need to install the latest version from Microsoft. Information about downloading and installing MDAC is here:

A version (2.7) of MDAC that will work for JoeEmail can be found here:

Try it first- if JoeEmail can't use it's database it will pop up a message with the info on how to get MDAC.

My ultimate goal for JoeEmail is for it to be a medium-featured email client that family members and friends not of the geek persuasion find adequate to their daily needs. Having such an email client, if widespread, could possibly lessen the effectiveness of spam thereby making the world a better place.

I am brand new to open source development and SourceForge. It is my intention to follow the spirit of the open source movement. Any hints & tips, especially for a Windows person, greatly appreciated.

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