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Hi, I am Joe and I'm tired of Spam.  One day not too long ago I read a great article about an interesting method for filtering spam.  It inspired me and I started working on JoeEmail.

JoeEmail is a Windows email reader intended to assist the user with eliminating Spam by using statistical methods; Bayes' Rule in particular. (See How It Works below for details.)  In it's current beta state (0.9.x) JoeEmail is a fairly simple email client.  You may want to continue to use your existing email client.  Currently I've got all the basic functionality I need to survive working in JoeEmail, I'm using my old client less and less all the time.

As of version 0.9.107, this iteration of JoeEmail is at the end of it's development cycle.  It has been a great proof of concept, and I will continue to use it as my primary email client, but it is having some troubles scaling to handle large amounts of mail storage and other issues.  These are design flaws and have to be corrected from the ground floor.  Additionally, making an email client was too big a bite- to be as effective as possible JoeEmail must allow users to use whatever client they wish- which means implementing a POP3 Server component.  Anyway, I am beginning the design process for the next go-around.  Keep monitoring this project for updates- but don't hold your breath.

This program is licensed under the MIT License for open source software and is hosted at SourceForge.  For the latest release news and source code, visit JoeEmail at SourceForge.

What JoeEmail does:

  • Read and delete messages from most POP3 servers.
  • Send messages using most SMTP servers.
  • Read and Send file attachments - most of the time anyway.
  • Assign Spam/Not Spam probabilities to messages.
  • Use multiple mail accounts.
  • Leaves mail on server (unless you delete it).  Option to remove from server after a specified number of days.
  • Primitive address book functionality.
  • Tracks spam detection statistics.
  • Custom mail folders to store messages in.
  • "Auto-Delete" options for those of you who just want your spam to go away without bothering you at all.
  • Deals with some embedded images.

What JoeEmail doesn't do:

  • Import existing Address book options
  • Spell check (I really need this!)
  • Deal with some MIME stuff (MIME is turning out to be a big can of worms!)

JoeEmail is my primary email client though you may find that it does not have the features you would like.  Next version will allow you to use your existing client but still have the proven benefits of probability-based spam filtering.